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The Big Money Sunday of Stan James Poker

Stan James Poker

Have you ever wondered why the concept of poker big win has never touched you on a personal level?


Or, have you ever felt a little bit of discontent when you hear about the big win stories that people tell you while you are sitting at a poker table? These are positions every poker player has been in at some point in his playing life. While being very aggravating, these situations do lead to you wondering about your luck and questioning whether it exists or not. The answer to the question is fairly simple. It does exist, but you have to activate it by doing two things i.e. put yourself in a position where you can be picked up by lady luck and play your heart out.


Most poker players, except the grinders, tend to play their heart out on a poker table. Therefore, the problem is putting yourself in a position for the poker gods to notice you. The best way you can do this is by enrolling yourself into one of the many tournaments and poker events that poker websites like Stan James and Victor Chandler hold on a regular basis. Of the lot, one of the best tournaments currently ongoing is the Big Money Sunday of Stan James.


The Big Money Sunday is primarily lucrative because you can enter the tournament for something as meagre as less than 2 pounds and end up winning a whopping prize of 25,000 Pounds. The real clincher, however, is that these 25,000 Pounds are the minimum prize that a winner will get and the maximum can vary. Hence, you can easily see how enrolling yourself in such a tournament equates to making yourself a very attractive target for lady luck. So, what are the details of this tournament that is all set to make you rich? Here are some details.


1. The tournament will be held every Sunday in the evening at 1900 GMT, which means that you will not have to modify your Saturday night plans or worry about playing the game feeling woozy.


2. As mentioned earlier, you can enter the tournament for a puny 1.65 Pounds by playing the multi event sat tournaments which are going on at Stan James.


3. At the beginning of the tournament, you will receive 2,000 chips which will be what you play with. It is also worth noting that the levels are 15 minutes and you will have a 120 second time bank.

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