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Stan James Friday 250 Dollars Bounty Poker Tournament

Poker Tournament

Would it not be fun if you could earn money while also enjoying the bragging rights for knocking out someone?


If you are a regular poker player then you know how much fun poker bounty tournaments can be. As mentioned above, a bounty tournament is a lot more than just fun. It also gives you the comfort of knowing that even if you do not win the tournament, you will still make a considerable amount of money. Serious players all over the world look for these kinds of tournaments because of the potential of a hefty profit and the surety of, at least, breaking even.


The problem with bounty tournaments held by online poker websites is that they tend to take a cut of the buy in, which ends up reducing the bounty on every player you oust. One bounty tournament that caters to the players and players alone, however, is the Friday 250 dollars bounty tournament of Stan James. It is quite likely that you would be wondering why.


Every penny is returned to you. The answer is simply that the Friday 250 dollars bounty tournament of Stan James returns every penny to the players. This means that the buy in that you enter the tournament with will be returned to you if you win even once. The buy in to the Friday 250 dollars bounty tournament of Stan James is to the tune of 5 dollars only. The real clincher is that even if you knock out one player from the tournament you would get these five dollars back. Consequently, every dollar that is entered into the tournament is returned to the players by the house.


Every player you knock out gets you money. As a matter of fact, every player you knock out would result in you earning five dollars. In addition to this, the house would put in a whopping 250 dollars into the prize pool. Effectively, not only would you earn by knocking out opponents but also by winning the tournament entirely. Hence, if you are an exceptional player, your final earnings can be anything beyond 250 dollars depending upon the number of players participating.


You win even if you are a beginner. If you are a beginner then you can, at the very least, get your five dollar entry fee back. Therefore, the Friday 250 dollars bounty tournament is not only useful and beneficial for serious players but also for novices just looking to have a lot of fun. The tournament is held at 8:30 pm on every Friday at Stan James’ regular tournaments section of the Multi Table Tournament (MTT) tab.

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