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SNG Leaderboard Payouts of Victor Chandler’s Casino

Victor Chandler CasinoVictor Chandler is a name that has been around in the casino segment for a very long time. It has become synonymous with being player friendly and highly reliable with regard to casino services.


For instance, take the example of how the Victor Chandler online casino caters to the Sit ‘n’ Go or SNG enthusiasts. There is a specific SNG leaderboard marking system that has been set up by Victor Chandler online casino to reward players who consistently fare well in this variant of poker. In terms of the tangible, if SNG is something that you are a big fan of, then you can end up making a lot of money by showing good rankings on the SNG leaderboard.


You can earn up to a whopping 3,000 Pounds in SNG leaderboard prizes. Unlike the majority of other casino events available online, the SNG leaderboard does not even require you to bet high. Instead, there are three separate SNG leaderboard groups on the basis of the stakes, namely low, medium and high. When you start in any one of these groups you will be rewarded points that would decide your position on the leaderboard. The points are based upon the number of players that you would compete against and your specific performance at the end of the round. The system is so user centric that an unbelievable top 20 finishers get points. Therefore, even if you are one of those consistent performers as against someone who peaks and dips, you would stand a chance to make it on the leaderboard.


Another notable aspect of the SNG leaderboard prizes of Victor Chandler online casino is that while the top 20 finishers get points in every SNG table, the final top 20 finishers on the SNG leaderboard are rewarded with a significant amount of money. Therefore, it is not only the top finisher who gets the prize but also the following 19 players. The low stake SNG leaderboard will see the 20th place player get 50 Pounds while the first placed player will get 1,000 Pounds. Similarly, the medium stake SNG leaderboard’s 20th position will get 100 Pounds and the first position 2,000 Pounds. Finally, the high stake SNG leaderboard’s 20th player will get 150 Pounds and the first placed player, as mentioned above, 3,000 Pounds.


It should be noted that these players get rewarded at the end of every month. The prospect of extra rewards can really create more competition between players, even if they are not competing on the same table.

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